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For the longest time I wanted to know how to create a url link for my google docs. I found a lot of videos in youtube that tried to show me, but for me they were way to complicated.

I finally found an easy way to do it.   And it can be done in less then 15 minutes. 

I wish I found this when I wrote my e-book.  I am going to recreate a url link for my e-book, because the way that I show you below, really does a nice job.  So that when someone clicks on your url for your e-book or report, now it will look very professional….

So below is a training video I did for anyone wanting a pretty easy way to do it. 

You can share this link on your blog posts and really anywhere on the Internet.  But keep in mind that when people are going to view your document, they need to have a google account or gmail account.  And this is because this is a google doc and I guess Google only wants people with their accounts to be able to view it.  So this is the only draw back…